The World of Ruttan

Character Generation
Getting Started With Character Generation

How To Generate Your Character

If you’d like to create a character before we play, GO FOR IT! If you have the BASIC RULES, or the PLAYERS HANDBOOK, just follow those steps! But, if you do create a character and I’m not with you, use the* POINT BUY SYSTEM*. If you wish to create your character with me, you can either roll the dice and trust to luck, or also use the point buy system!

Just to be helpful, follow these steps!

1. Choose a Race

- I’m allowing any race from the Players Handbook

2. Choose a Class

- All classes are available for game play
- Remember, you class generates your class features (benefits)
- Everyone starts at 1st level

3. Determine Ability Scores

- If created at your home, used the POINT BUY on page 13 of the Players Handbook
- You have 27 points to spend on your ability scores
- Here’s the breakdown: Score / Cost – 8|0, 9|1, 10|2, 11|3, 12|4, 13|5, 14|7, 15|9 That’s IT!
- If you create your character with me, you can either use the point buy, or roll old school!

4. Describe Your Character
- Choose your alignment
- Choose your name
- Choose your sex
- Choose your height and weight
- Choose two personality traits
- Choose one ideals
- Create on bond
- Choose one flaw

5. Equip Your Character
- You can use the GOLD option to buy what you’d like
- You can use the standard gear which comes with your character class
- You cannot use both!

6. No EVIL alignments

7. No dragonborn or tieflings in the world


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